Event planning is the process of managing a project such as a festival, a concert, a convention or a formal party.


Event planners develop the theme, find the event place, choose the entertainment tools, arrange the program, calculate the budget and coordinate the transportation according to the demand of the clients.


We offers you event organizations that your guests would remember years. We think each and every detail for you.



When organizing and event, the importance of design & technical production is undeniable; it is the heart and the soul of the event.



Production gives a face to your event; it creates the look of your event and becomes the link between your event and your guests.



Lighting and stage design can make a huge difference in the atmosphere.



Additionally, the video and photo shooting of those moments is very important in order to save memories.



We offers you all and creates memorable events through creative lighting and stage design, as well as through photography and video production.

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